Have you ever wondered about your ancestors? What they were like? How they made a living? Why they moved from one place to another? What similarities there might be between them and you?

Our ancestors gave us so much more than our eye and hair color, our skin tone and height. They also passed on to us our cultural, religious and moral values. They made choices that shape who we are today. Choices that perhaps determined where we grew up, where we went to school and church, and the family traditions we hold so dear.

Research into your family ancestry can not only offer you a fascinating glimpse into the past but also provide you with some vital clues as to what it is that makes you uniquely you.

So, whether you are interested in creating a family tree for a reunion, joining a heritage society, charting your family's medical history, or just hunting down your ancestors for the sake of curiosity, I'm here to help you.


"History remembers only the celebrated,

genealogy remembers them all"


-- Lawrence Overmire